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New Home Tape Measurer, the perfect custom housewarming or closing gift for realtors. This 25ft tape measurer boasts an engraved round design with your choice of a generic or custom logo. With a 1” QuikFind Tape and ABS Casing, this tape measurer is the ideal tool to measure any space inside or outside of the house. All tape measures read "Nothing Measures up to the Feeling of Home" If logo option is chosen we will add it under the design in place of the family name or EST Date.

- Handmade with precision and care
- Engraved with your choice of a generic or custom logo design
- Made from high-quality wood
- Includes a 1” QuikFind Tape and ABS Casing
- Perfect gift for housewarming or closing events.

The Personalized New Home Tape Measurer is an ideal tool for anyone moving into a new home or renovating their current one. With its engraved design and high-quality wood material, it makes for a beautiful and functional personalized gift. The included 25ft QuikFind Tape with ABS Casing ensures an accurate measurement of any space, making it a must-have tool for any homeowner or realtor.

Use the Personalized New Home Tape Measurer to measure room dimensions, furniture, and anything else needed to make a new home feel complete. Use it to double-check measurements before purchasing furniture or decor, or to quickly measure spaces for renovations and repairs.

Don't settle for a generic gift when you can make it personal! Order your Personalized New Home Tape Measurer today and give a unique closing gift that will be treasured for years to come. Contact us for wholesale pricing or follow us on social media for giveaways, deals, and more.
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